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Fightin' Time
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1st-Jul-2008 08:38 pm - first blog crew ever
After "because..." please type your reason. And be creative >:D
1. 1 claim per person, 1 person for claim.
2. Friends get 2 claims
3. No bashing, por favor
4. Any series is fine
5. Just copy and paste the lovely box with your changes into your profile or journal xD

CHARACTER NAME ☆ is MINE ☆ ♥ because ...

Black Jewels:
Lucivar Yaslana-ebonredseeker because they are just like one another! XD

Hirako Shinji-uki_desu because the long hair..is wonderful
Ichimaru Gin- atsuka_chan because she likes to hugglesquish foxies~
Kuchiki Byakuya- crysaliz coz underneath that aloof exterior lies a noble with passion <3
Grimmjow Jeagerjacques- anemoneoflight because no one can make him purr like she can
Urahara Kisuke- sparkly_cherry because nevermind just blonde's, blonde's with hats do it so much better ;D
Nnoitra Jiruga- celemna Because she finds men who are three feet taller than her totally fondle worthy
Nel Tu- hashire because she IS nel tu
Kira Izuru- edge_chan because he needs lots of love
Hitsugaya Toshirou- meroko14 because he's the best short, genius ever!!
Aizen Souske- ceres_wish because an illusion personified villain is simply irresistable.
Abarai Renji- salzraender because of his ♥♥♥ tattoos xD
Inoue Orihime- stimulant Because of always wanting a boob!protégé~
Ukitake Jushirou- liliesxinxbloom
Ulquiorra Schiffer- mtranc3 because she <3's her little emo clown
Uryu Ishida- misumaru because dorky archers need love too.
Szayel Apporo Grantz- shirozaki he's one ebil scientist fo sho'. 8D
Yamada Hanatarou- yarukage because is apparently autosexual and find people who act just like me gorgeous.
Hinamori Momo- aya_adri because she's so adorable I could just bite her ♥

Card Captor Sakura:
Clow Reed- lady_kikyou Because four-eyed wizards with a God complex are just her thing~! ♥

Code Geass:
Lloyd Asplund- llwyds because she's always wanted a gay boyfriend ♥
Kururugi Suzaku- chansonxchou because he's just too luffable and so retarded that his name has TOO MANY U's!
Lelouch- unsugared because she wants a boyfriend who she can beat in physical strength!! XD
V.V- gakupoid because long-haired shota is delicious.
Kouzuki Karen- semeru because Japanese terrorist/resistance movement girls piloting kick-ass mechas are ♥ .
C.C- napy_no_tenshi because inmortal witches are luv <3♥

Crisis Core:
Zack Fair- laguna ecause the price of freedom sure is steep

Death Note:
Beyond Birthday- euphoriant because he's one lovable magnificent bastard
Mikami Teru- unmei_no_deai because they both like to sakujo

D. Gray Man:
Tyki Mikk-uki_desu because I love the dedorkenization XD
Kanda Yuu- ladyofcarribean because she can
Lavi- xtiggzie because he can turn kanda on 8D
The Millenium Earl- aoko_hoshiko because he is fat and squishy <3
Allen Walker- tsumetaitsubasa because he's her little bean sprout

D.N. Angel:
Daisuke Niwa- slenderraven because cute redhead + artistic talent = ♥

Badou Nails- mayxchan because he is all her character fetishes rolled into one dysfunctional package
Bishop- angelic_ice because blind guardians with gothi-loli fetishes are ♥

Eyeshield 21:
Hiruma Yoichi- ria_chan because she's the only one who could list *him* in *her* little black book and she refuses to say whether or not it involved illegal firearms. ;)

Final Fantasy VII:
Vincent Valentine- remembrancer19 because even Chaos is beautiful, and falls in love.

Final Fantasy VIII:
Seifer Almasy- sk_chan because he's so adorable in Kingdom Hearts yet incredibly sexy in Final Fantasy VIII

Sakata Gintoki- clannoire because she secretly stalks him and steal his boots.

Gundam 00:
Lockon Stratos-vicious_lullaby because I would even resort to wearing godawful pink cardigans if it attracted me a man like that. XD;;;
Setsuna F. Seiei- konkona because he's just one hot bishie with a cool voice.

Gundam SEED:
CAgalli Yula Athha- jczala because she's ever-loving tomboy princess who certainly looks good in dresses. ^_^

Gundam Wing:
Heero Yuy- lastimpression Because he's just always been hers, since 2000. XDDDDD

Hana Yori Dango:
Doumyouji Tsukasa (a.k.a. "Awww, Octopus-head! *SHQUISH*)= somedilettante If she had to choose any beloved male character from a manga/anime, She'd choose him as her "anime bishie boyfriend"

Rip Van Winkle- demon_valentine because she inspired her to do so much.

Alfred F. Jones- legit because...America, FUCK YEAH

Katekyou Hitman Reborn!:
Dino Cavallone- aibachyderu
Gokudera Hayato- ladyodcarribean Because he is her future husband. WTF
TYL!Hibari Kyouya- veresade because they both shares unique ringtone, Namimori Anthem~
Yamamoto Takeshi- crazyevilwombat because he is delicious and perfect >:3
Rokudo Mukuro- nerrin because he's got an awfully sexy body with a kickass attitude to match.
TYL!Gokudera Hayato- anionna because he plays his beautiful music for her
Colonello- pichus Because a hot military captain for a boyfriend is nothing short of win~
Irie Shouichi- amari_sakura because he's hawt in every way xD
Kingdom Hearts:
Riku- springwinds because he really does bring sexy back. ;DD

La Corda D'oro:
Len Tsukimori-pocky_please because he is made of awesome and hotness
Yunoki Azuma- tsugi_no_touji because he has the perfect personality disorder complication

Soubi Agatsuma-tamixaishiteru Because his tight shirts and pony tail are to die for 8D

Nabari no Ou:
Yoite- mazokuhime because he has a smexy hat <3

Ren Honjo- swtlilqtj because he secretly loves her more~

Nara Shikamaru- manjuuichi Because that damn chuunin vest totally makes him sexy. X3
Umino Iruka- aki_yasu becuase she is his favorite exchange student
Hidan- doodlemethat Because bloody religions are serious business.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:
Kaworu Nagisa- kaworu_chan

Ouran High School Host Club:
Tamaki Suoh- revenus Because he's her prince, of course
Kyouya Ootori- ikkyuunyuukon because smart nerdy yet "OMG HOT" megane characters who think you don't know anything about them and try to deceive you are so cool. ;D
Kaoru Hitachiin- paranoiacafe Because he's the adorable, uke-tastic twin

Prince of Tennis:
Tezuka Kunimitsu- crysaliz because he is her stoic megane bishie that she first fell in love with
Ootori Choutarou- mint_chan
Hiyoshi Wakashi-kitkitsouji87 because she has an unhealthy obsession with mushrooms
Inui Sadaharu- nachural because socially-awkward, sadistic geniuses are ♥
Kawamura Takashi- miltia because he's a sweetheart outside of "Burning" mode and needs more love
Echizen Ryoma- himilika
Shishido Ryou- green_tea_river because he's sexy as hell, and there's a Choutarou here, and there can't be Choutarou without a Shishido near by :D
Kikumaru Eiji- kurosaki_koi because she's bouncy and adorable
Fuji Shuusuke- applefordessert because tensais with closed eyes and a feminine voice are hot 8D
Shiraishi Kuranosuke- colorchild because he’s her ecstasy

Special a/b:
Takashima Kei- sangomeister because he's her reformed Mr. Darcy

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
Kyon- tepes because he's practically perfect in every way.

The World Ends With You:
Manamimoto Shou- bolshevists because math is zetta ∫exy

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:
Kurogane- failzaku because she is his one and only master

Vampire Knight:
Kain Akatsuki- nazurahchan Because he is voiced by her sexylicious Suwabe.
Chairman Kaien Cross- mizunohotaru because motherly love has never been so manly. :3
Kaname Kuran- dollypie because he's just perfect in every way
Zero Kiryuu- fai_hot_feline He is the sexiest vampire alive and voiced by Miyano-kun

Fuuma Monou- morinoe Because he's a hot, wish-granting, sadistic, manly genie.
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